Wellhead and Source Water Protection

The Problem

Sites with groundwater contamination have become a major concern to communities that depend on that resource for their water supply. Once contaminated, aquifers are difficult and expensive to clean up. The most cost-effective approach is to PREVENT contamination before it occurs.

The Solution

Jones & Henry provides assistance to water utilities in developing programs tailored to fit the needs and capabilities of each community. This assistance includes delineation of the wellhead protection area (WHPA), inventory of potential sources of contamination, and technical assistance in implementing the wellhead protection program (WHPP).

Other Related Services

Jones & Henry offers a variety of services related to the groundwater industry. The services include the following:

  • Groundwater Source Investigation
  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • Wellfield Design/Evaluation
  • Aquifer Analysis (Pump Test Evaluation)
  • Well & Pump Design
  • Field Representation During Well Construction
  • Modeling Groundwater Pollution & Remediation
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