Water Distribution & Storage


Locating a plentiful water supply and properly treating it are not the only water-related problems encountered by communities; treated water storage and distribution also must be addressed.

Jones & Henry has helped many communities develop distribution and treated water storage systems. We use sophisticated computer programs to analyze system hydraulics and to measure system capabilities. We have designed underground, ground level, and elevated water storage reservoirs and have applied them in nearly every conceivable situation.


Jones & Henry has analyzed numerous distribution systems and has recommended needed improvements such as water line extensions and reinforcement; elevated and ground storage; and pressure boosting. Our reports typically include a node map of the distribution network and a prioritized listing of recommended improvements with their associated estimated cost.

We use sophisticated computer models to analyze system hydraulics and to evaluate system capabilities. When our study is complete we normally provide the owner with the system model for on-going use. Among the water distribution system services offered by Jones & Henry are:

  • Field testing of system pressure and flows
  • Distribution system modeling
  • Analyses of present and projected future conditions
  • Prioritizing improvements
  • Cost estimating
  • Water line design

Pumping and Storage

The engineering services offered by Jones & Henry in water distribution and storage help ensure that sufficient water is transmitted at adequate pressure to every point in the system. Maximum-day, maximum-hour, and fire flow conditions must all be met with safety and reserve: Our services include:

  • Storage volume evaluations
  • Pump station reviews
  • High service pumping
  • Complete facilities design
  • Pump station reviews
  • Site and storage tank selections
  • Pressure boosting
  • Water hammer analysis and control



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