Wastewater Treatment


Providing satisfactory wastewater treatment is one of the great challenges facing public and private entities. Ever changing regulations covering effluent quality and residuals make for multiple moving targets. The need to negotiate NPDES permit conditions further complicates matters. Additionally, public entities often have to respond to the needs of local industries. Realistically, the challenges associated with wastewater treatment never disappear.

Wastewater as a Resource

Properly treated wastewater and the sludge resulting from treatment can become a resource to communities and industries. Treated effluents can often be used as cooling water or for irrigation, while residuals are often used to generate methane and/or in land application. The value of the resource can vary widely based on the extent of treatment required, on the local cost of fresh water, and the need for soil amendments.


Jones & Henry has extensive experience in all types of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment and residuals treatment, disposal or utilization.

The aspects of wastewater treatment in which we have considerable experience include:

  • Planning for wastewater treatment
  • Evaluation of treatment processes including pilot studies
  • NPDES Permit negotiations and public participation
  • Design of facilities
  • Assistance during construction and start-up
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Financial planning including grant procurement


Jones & Henry has:

  • A professional staff with diverse experience – Our staff includes environmental, civil, structural and electrical engineers; certified wastewater treatment plant operators; operation and maintenance experts; and instrumentation and control specialists.
  • State-of-the-art technology and creative problem solving techniques – We use advanced technology to identify problems, to prepare and implement solutions, and to assure that recommended improvements function as planned.
  • The proven ability to complete projects within budget – We are sensitive to budget requirements and utilize our experience to complete projects economically.
  • A demonstrated record of on-time performance – We understand the needs of the community, the environment, our clients, and the importance of completing projects on time.
  • Experience in NPDES Permit negotiations and the development of public participation programs.
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