Solids Handling


Handling of solids resulting from water or wastewater treatment present challenges that include removal, collection, odor control, concentration, and the need to concentrate and dispose or reuse of the material. The cost of building and operating solids handling processes can be very substantial. Reuse of biosolids is strictly regulated. Proper solids handling procedures enhance public health.

Solids as a Resource

Solids resulting from treatment of wastewater can be used to produce methane gas and an agricultural soil amendment. Both materials have commercial value. Sludge resulting from water softening can also be used in agriculture.

The handling of solids in a treatment facility is often governed by how the solids are utilized. Jones & Henry understands this and tailors solids handling facilities to meet disposal or utilization goals.


Jones & Henry recognizes that local conditions are critical when selected approaches to solids handling. Land availability, land use, local predilections, proximity to homes, etc. must be taken into account when evaluating solids handling and treatment/disposal alternatives. Additionally, we are fully aware of regulations dictating the use of solids resulting from treatment.

Meeting the challenges posed by solids handling required extensive experience with a large number of processes and equipment types. Selection of the appropriate approach requires thorough understanding of the problems to be solved as well as the ancillary effects of any solutions.

Jones & Henry has evaluated, tested, or designed practically every type of solids handling facilities for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Our experience over so many years has taught us that any solids handling facility needs to be designed with as much flexibility as possible. Alternative methods of solids handling should be incorporated in any facility so at to allow a plant to cope with changes in regulations or economic conditions. We believe that providing flexibility and alternative approaches are the keys to successful design.

In addition to evaluation and design experience Jones & Henry has extensive experience in the operation of solids handling facilities.

Jones & Henry also has extensive experience in the development of public participation programs that are often required for solids handling and disposal projects.


Jones & Henry can provide you with all the services needed to evaluate, design, and implement your solids handling program. Our experience in investigations, pilot studies, design, engineering during construction, and operation delivers high quality installations. Additionally, our experience in public participation program facilitates public acceptance of your project.


Jones & Henry designed residual solids handling programs normally result in safe, reliable and economical operation that cause no nuisances at the treatment or disposal sites. We incorporate our experience with local conditions to try to ensure that adequate treatment and storage capacity is available throughout the year.

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