Residuals Management


There is a growing concern over the cost-effective treatment and environmentally responsible use of residuals. New regulations on biosolids disposal and air emissions, coupled with the dwindling capacity of landfills, have forced many communities and industries to consider new and improved management methods.

Development of public acceptance for any residuals management program is often very difficult. A well planned approach is needed to develop support by affected parties.

Residuals as a Resource

Residuals can be assets. We have developed numerous programs based on the use of biosolids on agricultural land. Another significant resource is the generation and use of methane derived from the anaerobic digestion of biosolids. We have designed many types of methane fueled systems.


We have helped many clients develop residuals management systems. Over the years, our professional staff of engineers and certified operators has gained considerable experience in pilot testing, designing, optimizing, and troubleshooting residual solids programs.

Jones & Henry is very familiar with EMS (Environmental Management System), an approach based on continuous improvement that is used to develop, implement, and monitor environmentally sustainable practices.

Jones & Henry also has extensive experience in planning and participating in the public hearings that are often required when dealing with residuals management.


Jones & Henry provides the services needed to develop and implement practical and sound management programs. We have the technical background to develop innovative approaches.

Typically, programs evolve through the evaluation of alternative solutions. Such evaluations may involve treatability and pilot studies followed by a cost-effectiveness analysis. The selected alternative is developed during the design phase.

Careful attention to detail helps ensure that a functional, reliable, economical, and operable facility results. This same level of attention by the project team continues through the construction phase. Experienced process experts and operators are available to optimize performance and troubleshoot problems. We also are experienced in preparing residual management plans and developing recordkeeping procedures.


We can offer you a complete range of services to design and implement an effective residuals management system. We have the experience to assist you with the management of residuals from both water and wastewater treatment. We also have the experience to assist you with your public participation programs.

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