Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Programs (MIPPs)

What are MIPPs?

MIPPs are required by the Clean Water Act (40 CFR 403). The programs are designed to maintain wastewater treatment plant performance by controlling industrial discharges to the sewer system. MIPPs protect the treatment plant by controlling pollutants at the source.


The primary goal of an MIPP is to protect public health by protecting the treatment plant. The principal challenge in this effort is to determine what materials and in what concentration can impact wastewater treatment and thus affect effluent and sludge quality. Of course, protecting the health of the collection and treatment staff is another goal and challenge.

Developing a pretreatment program normally requires extensive sampling and analysis of industrial wastewater as well as understanding of the effects of the wastes on the municipal treatment plant. Development of a successful program also requires acceptance and cooperation by the industrial community. Meetings with individual industries normally are needed to gain their cooperation.

MIPPs are Resources

Thorough, well developed pretreatment programs can be a great resource to any community with a substantial industrial base. The pretreatment program can facilitate dealing with industries as well as attract new ones. Industries like to know what the rules are before moving to a community.


Jones & Henry has developed pretreatment programs for small and large communities, and for utilities serving all types of industries. Jones & Henry is very well versed in the challenges posed by food processing, paper manufacturing, glass production, automotive plants, etc. The bulk of the pretreatment programs developed by Jones & Henry are for communities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.


Jones & Henry has developed every aspect of MIPPs including the following:

  • Industrial Surveys
  • Discussions with industries
  • Local Industrial Limits
  • Enabling Legislation and Ordinances
  • Sampling Schedules and Procedures
  • Industrial Discharge Permits
  • Enforcement Response Plans
  • Intergovernmental Agreements

Our MIPP experts use the latest techniques to develop your local industrial limits and ensure the most recent regulations are incorporated into the program.


The pretreatment programs developed by Jones & Henry protect the health of the municipal staff, the quality of the plant effluent, and the quality of the sludge resulting from treatment. The result is enhanced public health.

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