Wastewater Collection


Protecting public health is the major goal and challenge in the development of an effective wastewater collection system. Continued growth and expansion, changing technologies, limited funding, and the need for major replacement of sanitary sewers are encountered by communities and entities of all sizes. An effective wastewater collection system enhances public health.

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Proper waste planning and a sound wastewater collection system are key to attracting new residential and industrial development. Your community will offer many advantages to new industries if a sound master plan and collection system are available to them.


Jones & Henry provides full service in wastewater collection. These services include, but are not limited to:

Regulatory Issues - Jones & Henry can assist your community in dealing with permit and other regulatory issues.

Master Planning - Jones & Henry has developed master plans that address the needs of our clients over an extended time period. Phased construction that matches projected growth and expansion with financial resources are developed for each project. Master planning, through the selection of appropriate technologies, can minimize disruption during construction.

Replacement - The challenges presented by communities with undersized, leaking, and/or deteriorated sewers are increasing daily. The alternatives and costs associated with replacing sewers, requires careful and thorough planning. Our experience with sewer system evaluations, rehabilitation methods, and replacement has resulted in numerous successful improvements.

New Technologies - State-of-the-art alternative systems such as pressure sewers, vacuum sewers, and on-site treatment, provide many possible solutions to specific problems. Conventional gravity sewers and pump stations also have a place in the planning process. We explore several innovative alternatives or combinations of alternative technologies to provide the most cost-effective system.

Limited Funding - Jones & Henry has completed hundreds of miles of sewer construction funded through USEPA, Rural Development, State Revolving Loan Funds, Community Development Block Grants, and other sources. We are aware of the need to develop phased construction programs that match the scope of the project with the financial capabilities of the community.

Construction - Jones & Henry offers services during construction. The project team members most familiar with the design intent provide resident representation, shop drawing review, and construction estimate review. During construction, these individuals act on behalf of the owner. The services offered include:  resident services, owners’ representative, shop drawing review, construction estimate review, and acceptance testing.

Public Participation - Jones & Henry can assist you in developing a public participation program to promote acceptance of your project. Additionally, we can assist you in developing and implementing a public information program to keep informed residents affected by construction.


Upon completion, a wastewater collection project designed by Jones & Henry provides you with an effective tool to aid in the development of your community and to protect the public health of the residents.


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