Storm Water Planning


  • Amendments to the Clean Water Act require NPDES permitting of all storm water discharges.
  • The best plan a community or industry can pursue is to generate a comprehensive map of the existing storm water infrastructure, and then analyze the system for existing problems.
  • Solving flooding problems normally presents the greatest challenge, since construction disrupts activities and results in high costs.
  • Since additional funds may be needed to finance the storm water system improvements, the electorate must be educated on storm drainage issues and the methods most effective for correcting present and future problems.

Jones & Henry has performed a wide range of studies and developed comprehensive designs of storm drainage projects. We have the experience and knowledge that lead to innovative and cost effective solutions to storm water management problems.

A Resource

Appropriate storm water master plans and drainage utilities are significant resources in guiding a community development. The availability of storm sewer master plans and drainage utilities can be used to attract new industries.


Jones & Henry has over 80 years experience in the design of storm sewers, stream channelization, storm water plans, and drainage utilities. We have the experience to serve you.


Jones & Henry offers full service in the development of storm water master plans for many communities. Historically, communities give little thought to storm water management until inclement conditions cause extensive flooding. Stringent regulatory requirements requires changing past practices.

Because of the Clean Water Act and its amendments, storm water management must address both flood control and water quality. Communities need strategies and plans to address these issues. We can assist you with the development of such strategies and plans.

We also have extensive experience in the development of storm drainage utilities. We all realize that one roadblock to updating existing infrastructures or building new systems is funding. A solution to this problem is to develop a storm drainage utility to create a management system for the installation, maintenance, and operation of a storm water collection and disposal system financed from user fees.

Jones & Henry has assisted several communities by ensuring that storm water management is both fiscally and technically sound.

Jones & Henry offers a full range of services for the development of plans and specifications for storm sewers, stream channelization, and other storm water related facilities. We can also assist you during construction and start-up.


A comprehensive program for the installation and maintenance of storm sewers that includes master planning and a storm drainage utility is critical to orderly development. Jones & Henry has the experience to assist you in developing a successful program.

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