Training Services


Generally challenges are due to the installation of new processes or equipment and to the need to identify and resolve management, operation, and maintenance problems in existing systems and plants. Jones & Henry can assist you in meeting these challenges.

Trained Employees are a Resource

Well trained employees are the key to successful operation of any utility. The time and expense associated with training are well justified by the potential for enhanced public health.


The Jones & Henry Operations and Maintenance Group has extensive experience in diagnosing and resolving management, operation, and maintenance problems in existing systems as well as in training personnel on the use of new processes and maintenance of new equipment. Our experience covers the preparation of traditional Operation & Maintenance Manuals and all types of training programs.


We can offer you:

  • Traditional Operation &Maintenance (O&M) Manuals. The Manuals cover specific processes and are both reference and educational materials.
  • Classroom Training. Traditional classroom training offers a proven method of group training.
  • Over-the-Shoulder and One-on-One Training. Over-the-shoulder and one-on-one are used at specific facilities under operating conditions.
  • Site-Specific Video Tapes. Site-specific video tapes deliver a uniform message group or independent study.
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI). Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) presents an economical method of delivering a uniform message for group or independent study, while providing complete records.
  • Interactive Video. Computerized interactive programs give the most effective training available short of full-scale simulators. The programs involve the trainee in the action and decision-making process without endangering system operations. They also record the trainee’s participation and progress.

Additionally Jones & Henry Offers:

  • Start-Up Assistance
  • O&M Audits
  • Technical Supervision
  • Modem Support
  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Management Audits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Laboratory Evaluations


Improved reliability and performance, enhanced morale and reduced costs are normally the outcome of effective training. We can help you meet your goals.

The mission of Jones & Henry’s Operation and Maintenance Group is to:

  • Establish a link between the design engineer and the system or plant operator.
  • Develop and establish good operation and maintenance practices for new and renovated facilities.
  • Identify and resolve management, operation, and maintenance problems in existing systems and plants.

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