Pollution Prevention

A pollution prevention program is needed to protect receiving streams from spills of oils or chemicals stored in a municipal treatment plant or industrial site. The program requires preparations of a Plan that shows the physical layout of the facility and includes a facility diagram that marks the location and contents of each container. Preparation of the Plan may require substantial field investigation and the gathering of significant documentation. The development of the Plan also requires cooperation of the facility staff.

The Plan must include:

  • the type of chemical or oil in each container
  • discharge prevention measures including routine handling of products
  • discharge or drainage control
  • contingencies for discharge recovery
  • regular inspections of tanks and equipment
  • training for all personnel involved in the chemical or oil operations and maintenance

A contact list for the facility program coordinator and all appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies must be included in the Plan.

The Plan is subject to many other requirements and must be certified by a Professional Engineer. Jones & Henry Engineers has prepared many of these plans in our service area. We have competent staff that can assist industries or municipalities in the development of a Spill Prevention, Control, and Counter Measure Plan.

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