Operations & Maintenance


From time to time utilities loose capabilities in the operation and maintenance of their facilities due to personnel changes. The challenge presented is great and must be met quickly.

A different challenge occurs when a plant is performing poorly. The cause of the problems needs to be identified and corrected through either capital improvements or operator training.

An approach to meeting the challenges is to bring in experienced personnel to guide plant staff through the learning process and to train them on operating and maintenance procedures.

Good Operation and Maintenance is an Asset

Well operated and maintained facilities require that the personnel be well trained and that equipment problems be under control. Well operated and maintained facilities are valuable assets as they normally save costs and reduce the risks of enforcement action by regulators. Probably the greatest value of the asset is in protecting public health.


Jones & Henry’s operators and engineers have assisted many communities in modifying operation and maintenance approaches to enhance plant performance, and by providing personnel to meet temporary needs.

Our operators have many years of experience and many of them hold the highest licenses in their respective states. Our engineers, also highly experienced, assist in identifying equipment problems and design solutions to said problem.


Jones & Henry understands the needs of water and wastewater utilities and teams design engineers with operators to produce facilities which nurture superior performance and economical operation. Creation of a culture that promotes quality performance through continuous improvement is our goal.

Our operators and engineers focus on:

  • Establish a link between the design engineer and the system operator;
  • Develop and establish good operation and maintenance practices for new and renovated facilities to achieve treatment goals,
  • Identify and resolve operation and maintenance problems in existing systems and plants,
  • Training and retraining plant staff.

Productive, cost efficient facilities are what our clients deserve. We have the expertise to develop and assist with the implementation of maintenance and operating programs for water and wastewater plants. We offer this assistance while adhering to the strictest regulations.

We offer:

  • Training Programs
  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Operations and Management Audits
  • Start-Up
  • Maintenance Programs

Additionally we also offer:

  • Emergency Services
  • Assistance to the Design Engineer
  • Production of Customized O&M Manuals
  • Technical Supervision
  • Participation in Value Engineering


Jones & Henry can help you bridge staff gaps, provide training, and diagnose problems. The outcome of our services is normally a well performing facility with a high morale staff. The ultimate, most important result is enhanced public health protection.

Jones & Henry
Engineers, Ltd.