Instrumentation & Control


Instrumentation, control, and telemetry are critical to the operation, maintenance, and administration of water and wastewater facilities. Integrating many different systems possesses a very difficult challenge. Designing a system that is economical to install as well as user friendly and easy to maintain are other difficult challenges.

As a Resource

Effective instrumentation and control are essential to the operation of practically any installation. Easy access to the information provided by the system as well as quick control response optimizes the use of the facility.


Our scope of services ranges from evaluation of a single sensing device to implementation of multiple processors networked over Ethernet. We involve your staff to determine their needs and gaining their cooperation. We have the experience and expertise to determine the best control fit for any application. The result is a reliable, cost effective, control solution to serve long term needs.


We are experienced and can assist with all aspects of instrumentation and control, including the following:

  • Process Monitoring and Control (SCADA)
  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Networked or Stand-alone Programmable Controller Systems
  • Operator Interface Hardware and Software
  • Plant-wide Ethernet Networked Control Systems
  • Radio and Phone Line Telemetry Systems
  • Total System Integration

We have assisted many municipalities and industries with their instrumentation and control needs. We can assist you.

The services we offer include:

  • Evaluation of Control System Hardware, Software, and Instrumentation Options
  • Selection of Primary Elements
  • Selection of Operator Interface Hardware and Software
  • Evaluation of Telemetry System Options
  • Project Coordination and Representation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Complete Control System Programming
  • Software Maintenance
  • System Start-up
  • Operator Training
  • Implementation Assistance


Jones & Henry designs successful instrumentation and control systems. One major reason for our success is that we involve the users during the design and implementation of projects.


Jones & Henry
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