Energy Management

The public is demanding that facilities be “Green” and that carbon footprints of facilities be reduced. This can be achieved through the implementation of an effective energy management program. The primary objectives of energy management programs are to minimize energy usage and cost and to reduce energy dependence on outside sources. The approaches to achieve the desired results need to be integrated to maximize the benefits of the programs.

Minimizing energy usage and cost normally starts with an energy audit and may require process changes, operation changes of existing processes, or changes in equipment. Jones & Henry has experienced competent staff members that can identify the methods or approaches that need to be implemented to enhance energy management in operating facilities and determine payback periods. In some cases changing the schedule of operation may result in power cost savings.

Reducing dependence on outside sources of energy may require using alternative sources of power such as:

  • solar or wind energy
  • waste heat recovery
  • developing energy from wasted resources such as landfill or digester gas

Reducing dependency on outside sources can also be achieved by lowering energy consumption using the method outlined above.

Development of alternative sources of energy may require capital investment. Jones & Henry has staff experienced in evaluating alternatives.

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