Civil Site Design


The goals of civil site design are to make efficient use of available space, including provisions for buildings, parking lots and landscaping as well as providing the infrastructure to meet development needs. An additional goal is to provide a pleasant appearance.

Meeting the above goals pose substantial challenges.


Jones & Henry is experienced in all facets of civil site design. We are also experienced in providing the client with information they may need in negotiating permits, undertaking public participation programs and responding to community concerns.

We are also experienced in collaborating with architects and landscape architects in the complete development of a site. Additionally we also are experienced in coordinating the activities of different entities participating in a project.


We offer all the services necessary to effectively and completely develop a site (from concept to final construction) in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. We tailor our scope of services to your individual needs. The services include:

  • Site Master Planning
  • Survey Support
  • Storm Water Management
  • Underground Design
  • Negotiating Permits
  • Site Layout
  • Grading and Paving Plans
  • Cost Estimates
  • Final Construction Documentation
  • Assistance in Public Participation Programs

Construction support is available as well. We can also evaluate these sites for zoning and code compliance with local reviewing agencies, developers, and service providers to insure proper installation and completion of all details.


A site of pleasant appearance that effectively utilizes available space and has appropriate underground facilities is normally the outcome of our civil site designs. A carefully crafted scope of services and thorough performance assures high quality results.

Jones & Henry
Engineers, Ltd.